An honest and result driven online marketing agency

- with an emphasis on personal, passionate and result-driven… in everything we do! -​

Because of our drive and passion for everything that has to do with online marketing, we are able to achieve maximum results for our clients’ online campaigns. We, however, will always stand with both of our feet on the ground to maintain a realistic view of the results we have generated, without promising mountains of gold.

Personal, informal, clear and realistic are our main methods of communication. In addition, we believe in close collaboration and fast switching via direct and short (communication) lines.

By collaborating with Blue Duck interactive (and our partners), you bring in experienced and driven professionals whose passion and creativity will be reflected in the results that we manage to achieve.

Special thanks go to former employer and colleagues within Greenhouse Group in Eindhoven; one of the best in the Netherlands, if not the best, online marketing agency(s). A huge amount of knowledge and experience has been gathered through Greenhouse that is still applied and shared within Blue Duck on a daily basis. In addition, we also follow the core values of Greenhouse Group; Innovation, Dedication & Fun (and we even took over their desks ;-))

"Show them that kiwi's can fly!"

The name Blue Duck interactive was born after being inspired by staying over at Blue Duck Station during a fantastic tour through New Zealand. A magnificent location in one of the most beautiful parts of New Zealand.

“Show them that kiwi’s can fly!” is a statement that New Zealanders make to each other when they have a difficult task or challenge ahead of them. We are happy to take on the challenge of achieving your goals!

Collaboration with professionals

We work together with various highly professional partners in the field of design, technology, content, tools and platforms in order to achieve a perfect end result and your online objectives. We can help you with almost all aspects and are therefore your point of contact for everything that has to do with achieving your online objectives. Therefor you don't have to look for specialists yourself.

- “Show them that kiwi’s can fly!” - 

Some of our valued clients

We ensure that your brand, website or webshop is found
by the right audience, with the right message, at the right time,
against the highest possible returns.

M2 Trading


The assortment of M2 Trading consists of more than 15,000 products, spread over more than 20 brands and more than 400 moped and scooter types. In the initial phase we have set up a completely new campaign structure based on brand, type and component so that we are able to target and measure which brands in combination with type of scooter and part perform well and which perform less in order to continuously optimize the campaigns.

We also improved the webshop structure in cooperation with the webshop developer and built in filtering options for a better user experience. This ultimately led to a significant increased conversion rate.

All improvements within the webshop and within all campaigns have led to a significant increase in orders, revenue and ROI. We continuously keep improving all campaigns in order to achieve maximum returns out of

Curious about what we can do for you?

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