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Data & Analytics. Sexy? No!
Mandatory? Yes!

Web Analytics

Data & Analytics. Sexy? No! Mandatory? Yes!!!

Without the right data, it is impossible to know if campaigns are profitable! We ensure that all data is collected correctly, clearly and in the right place so that we together can make the right and data-based decisions in order to maximize the return on all campaigns at the highest possible ROI.

Making sure that all campaigns are measured in the correct way with the right data is the only way to make informed and data-based decisions for the future. By collecting the data in the right place you can analyse which campaigns are performing well and which campaigns are performing less. We can then anticipate and steer our campaigns properly based on this information.

Correct implementation, organization and usage of web analytics (Google Analytics) is therefore an absolute must for conducting successful online campaigns.

We fully organize Google Analytics for you to make all data and campaigns transparent and measurable. For example, think of things that are important to you, such as measuring;

  • Sales in your web shop with the associated revenue
  • Number of completed contact forms
  • Number of (quotation) requests
  • Brochure downloads
  • Reservations or bookings on your website
  • Amount of newsletter subscriptions
  • Performance per online campaign. Which campaign gives the highest return?
  • Visitor behaviour; Do they find what they are looking for?
  • Ordering behaviour in your web shop; where do people drop out in the purchasing process and why?
  • Etc. etc.

In addition to providing insight into the aforementioned points, we also provide full reports based on all available data.

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“We speak in plain language, without promising mountains of gold.”

Because of our drive and passion for everything that has to do with online marketing, we are able to achieve maximum results for our clients’ online campaigns. We, however, will always stand with both of our feet on the ground to maintain a realistic view of the results we have generated, without promising mountains of gold.

Personal, informal, clear and realistic are our main methods of communication. In addition, we believe in close collaboration and fast switching via direct and short (communication) lines.

By collaborating with Blue Duck interactive (and our partners), you bring in experienced and driven professionals whose passion and creativity will be reflected in the results that we manage to achieve.

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Paul Stolk - Channable

Very pleasant people to work with. Proactive attitude and have an enormous online marketing knowledge.

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Richard Nab - Daisycon

In addition to a proactive attitude, commercial insight and long-term vision, the people at Blue Duck are one of the nicest people I have ever worked with...

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Hans Velders -

With our wedding portals and we have been working with Blue Duck for a number of years. ..

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We ensure that your brand, website or webshop is found
by the right audience, with the right message, at the right time,
against the highest possible returns.

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